Only the walls are blue

Today was all about putting the bedroom back together again. And it took me most of the day.

First thing, I had to put up the new, white curtain pole. I felt a momentary regret at drilling holes into David’s beautifully painted wall but this quickly passed when I stood back and admired my handiwork. Sadly, we don’t have the curtains yet (hopefully we’ll get them tomorrow) so it looked a bit bare…which is why there’s no photo.

The bed was a bit of a struggle, particularly the mattress. It wasn’t helped by the poodles constantly getting under my feet but there’s no accidents to report and it was soon sitting back in it’s place, looking quite stark.

The giant chest of drawers was more effort but at least the bed was there for the poodles to lie on and watch. This, I find, is when they’re most helpful.

We’re not going to put any hooks in the wall, using the picture rail to hang pictures, so it remains, beautifully, unmarked.

Mirinda came home at 4:30 (she was coming home last night but, given there was no bed to sleep in, we figured she’d be more comfortable at the flat) and proclaimed the bedroom ‘perfect’. (She also approved of the new garden bed…which is bigger than it looks in photographs.)

So, we now have Mirinda’s green study, Nicktor’s Old Rose room and the blue bedroom. Apart from the corridor and bathroom, upstairs is looking pretty good. Next week I’m meeting with a couple of builders to look at the extension plans in situ, so that can start.

We won’t know the place.

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  1. It sounds great you might have to take a video of the top part of the house with voice over so we know what we are looking at. LOL
    Love mum x


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