This morning, I was lying on the long lounge, sipping my coffee, Radio 4 pleasantly droning away, when there was a sudden, extremely loud clap of thunder directly over the house.

Carmen, who was sitting on the armchair, suddenly popped up, her head trying to peer through the closed curtains. Then, with a twist and at great speed, she suddenly leapt from the armchair, landing against my chest.

She tried to push into me, knowing I would keep her safe from whatever the loud noise had been. She remained like that for a fair few minutes, waiting for any subsequent loud booms.

Day-z, unusually, wasn’t bothered (maybe her hearing’s going as well) and kept pat-pat-pattering around the coffee table in her annoying way.

There was no second clap of thunder and, eventually, Carmen grew tired of being cuddled and returned to the armchair. Seeing the lounge was now free of her sister, Day-z jumped up and laid down against my legs.

While we didn’t have any more thunder, the day was appalling, weather-wise. The rain teemed down, then, as if teasing everyone, the sun would come out and there’d be blue sky everywhere. This inevitably lasted about ten minutes before the rain started again. And so it continued all day. Ghastly.

Mirinda went for a swim at the gym. At least that was her intention when she left the house. There were too many people in the pool so she hit the gym equipment instead. I stayed home and scanned some stuff.

And that was our day. Dull and stuck indoors. I wish I could send some of our weather over to the Blue Mountains.

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  1. I wish you could send some here to Caloundra.
    love mum x

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