Kate Rusby…again

Almost a year ago, Dawn and I went into Guildford to see Kate Rusby perform at the G Live. She was so good that when Dawn spotted she was touring again, she quickly snapped up a couple of tickets for us. The gig was tonight.

Just like last year, Kate was excellent. Her singing, music and banter was just as entertaining as last year. She has a very easy way about her that is instantly appealing. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

In order to get into the mood, I had Kate playing most of the day as I toiled in the garden. It’s very handy digging a bed just outside the office because I can have the windows open, the speakers pointing into the garden and the music pours out. It makes the work a little easier.

And it needed to be. The, all but naked*, bed was waiting for me to fill it up. First came the lungworts then the crocosmia corms. I moved a few nasturtiums then transferred one of the ice plants.

In order to avoid too much mud (following yesterday’s rain) and deep footprints, I laid a large plank across the new bed. This worked remarkably well and also provided somewhere for Carmen to sleep. Poodles really do like walking along narrow strips.

So, here is what it looked like at the end of the day.


I’ve just realised that this doesn’t look like much but it took me ages planting the corms (they’re at the back of the bed) and the ice plant didn’t really want to come out of it’s old home.

While I was toiling away in the garden, David was busily doing his thing in the bedroom. He appeared in the garden at about 4:30 to announce that he’d finished.



We chatted for a bit, I paid him then he left. Tomorrow I’ll put everything back in the room and I’ll be able to sleep in our wonderful bed again. The single bed in the Old Rose room is fine but pales into insignificance under the glare of our perfect mattress.

* ‘all but naked’ because Carmen christened it yesterday. Imagine a bare bed, all ready for planting with a big pile of dog poo in the middle. She feels it’s her duty. Clearly.

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2 Responses to Kate Rusby…again

  1. Your bedroom looks lovely Loris and I love the colour. naughty Carmen.
    love mum x

  2. Mirinda says:

    Love that blue!!


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