Spare room

And on the second day, David finished the ceiling, painted the trims in white gloss and undercoated the walls. He looked at his work and saw it was good. I was pretty happy as well.

Day 2

Day 2

The Old Rose room is starting to take shape. Tomorrow should see some colour added and the external windows prepared and painted.

For my part, I spent a fair bit of time in the garden, weeding the hot border and the ex-nettle bed. They are both looking quite verdant after the much needed rain.

The coleus is doing extremely well.


An excellent choice, growing in between the bidens, they make a lovely contrast against the little yellow flowers.


A couple of plants were not as keen on the torrential downpour we had on Monday. The lavatera, for one, is looking particularly droopy and spread out rather than up. Even so, it doesn’t stop the bees feasting on the seemingly inexhaustible amount of sweet pollen.


I spent quite a bit of time trying to support the stems. I managed to get it off the ground but it still wants to lay it’s flowers on the path. Another problem is the fact that the big conifer shades half of it so the stems head out towards the sun which, sadly, is over the path.

A while ago, I built a rather rough-as-guts-Gaz wooden fence running along the edge of the path. This worked quite well but was just a bit rough to last. Something a little more permanent is needed.

Talking to Mirinda tonight, she suggested we try and get a wrought iron balcony railing from an architectural salvage yard and put it in place when the lavatera has been cut back. I reckon that’s a brilliant idea.

The other big job today was updating the blog software, a job I dread every time there’s an upgrade. Still, it all seems to have worked without any problems and the blog continues.

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  1. Some of the names are a bit hard to pronounce and poor dad has to work them out but we both get there in the end, the flowers are so pretty.
    love mum x

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