Working hard

A while ago, we asked a guy to give us a quote for redecorating Nicktor’s room. He was the guy who wasn’t used to using email and it took ages for him to get back to us. Anyway, the day finally arrived for him to come and do the work. That day was today and David arrived nice and early.

First delightful job was to strip the wallpaper (poor sod) then he double coated the ceiling, remembering the first coat was a wishy washy one. The rest of the day was spent filling all the holes in the wall. Basically, there were more holes than wall. He also primed the picture rails.

He arrived at 8am and, minus a lunch break, worked right through to 5:45. We seem to be lucky in getting tradesmen who not only do a good job but work like crazy people to get it done quickly.

This is the result of David’s labours today:

End of day 1

End of day 1

We’ve had caramel coloured ceilings for so long (following the plasterer removing the horrid swirls and whorls) that, as I said to Mirinda tonight, the white looks a bit odd. Nicer, but odd. At least we can still admire the caramel in the bedroom.

Tomorrow the plan is to sand back a bit, finish the ceiling and paint the trims. No wall colour yet. Nicktor will be in for a bit of a surprise.

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  1. Wish I could see Nicktors face as he sees his room for the first time will be a study I bet.
    love mum x

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