Return to normality

My very well travelled suitcase turned up at 6pm tonight. I was amazed because I’d missed a phone call from the baggage people in the morning while out shopping.

They left a strange, sort-of message on the phone. When I rang the number back, a robot woman told me someone at Heathrow airport had tried to call me. I figured it had to be my luggage so I rang the number they’d given at the airport.

All I managed to connect to was another woman robot who told me to leave my name, number and a short message. I did as I was told, saying I’d be home all day if they wanted to call me back.

No-one did call me back but, as I say, my bag turned up anyway. So, basically, I couldn’t care less. Everything was as it should be. To all intents and purposes, the bag doesn’t appear to have been touched. Apart from the thousands of stickers all over it denoting it’s travels alone.

So, all Tim Tams and Cherry Ripes intact and ready for devouring. And, for my Aunty Jan Jan’s benefit, Tim Tams are the greatest biscuit ever made. While the original is brilliant, they are now being made with Turkish delight in the middle which just takes them into a new taste dimension that defies description.

I have to say, it’s a joy to be able to unpack your bag and not have to do 300 loads of washing after your holiday. Thank you, Mum!

Other than that excitement, the rest of the day was, basically back to normal service. Shopping, walking poodles, remaining warm. Speaking of which, we’re apparently in for a big drop of snow tonight and tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Return to normality

  1. I can’t for the life of me recollect ‘Tim Tams’? On the other hand I love cherry ropes!!! Can they be bought on line? I wonder if their is a website? Loved your bag travel story. Brrr! Enjoy the snow! Love A. Jan

  2. flip100 mum says:

    The joy of having a mother or is that of being a mother? Lol
    love YOUR Mum x


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