Food & The Future

The Farnham Food Festival was held today. Apart from the many stalls of wonderful local produce and international offerings, possibly the best bit is the fact that Castle Street is closed to traffic.

When I went into town, the stalls were only just being set up. The skies were blue and the sun was starting to peek over the buildings, promising a perfect day for it. Everyone was happy and smiling as I walked through the stalls.

I love it when Castle Street is closed to traffic

Mirinda was going to pick us up a cake from one of the stalls, after her visit to the hairdresser. Unfortunately it had all finished by the time Becky had finished with her so she went to Maison Blanc instead and purchased an interesting cake with mango and passionfruit.

We had a couple of slices after dinner, while watching a rather odd film called The Future.

The Future is an Indie film about a couple who decide to adopt a stray cat, stop time, have an affair and have a long conversation with the moon before getting the tides moving again. The cake appears to have given us both a cough. I’m not sure which is the most bizarre.

It’s even difficult to decide which was the more satisfying. The film seemed to be trying a bit too hard to be Indie while the performances in it were excellent; the cake was delicious and tickled the taste-buds deliciously but there was the cough at the end.

I was sorting through some photos tonight and came across this from February 2011. Oh, what a difference the path makes!! Also, you can just make out the willow on the right…that’s where my office is now.

A time before the path

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2 Responses to Food & The Future

  1. Mirinda says:

    Yuk! That’s even worse than I remember!!

  2. mum cook says:

    It looks so much better now and also with your office
    love mum

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