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Hassells and quiche

While I was shopping, Bob checked out of the Bush and made his way over to the house, not as perky as usual because he has a sore throat. Bob never gets sick so he’s not the best patient. He … Continue reading



Following a lovely Skype with Mum & Dad, I headed out into the garden, again. The rain was a mere drizzle…for a bit. Still, it wasn’t particularly cold and the drizzle really only affected Emma. I heard on the news … Continue reading

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Gardening in the mud

It’s been ages since I’ve been able to have a good go at the garden. How well I remember moving the plants from the back of the house. The deep roots and reluctant foliage. It’s now time to start moving … Continue reading

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Proper reception

Ages ago, I may have written about our lousy reception. This was because Tim the Electrical Engineer is crap at aerial installation. He admitted as much and I couldn’t agree more. Today, Aerial Dean came around to fix it up. … Continue reading


Yet more baking

Today was a bit of an experiment day, preparing for next Sunday’s lunch party. Unfortunately, Mirinda has told her friends that I’m a decent cook, so it has to work. Mirinda was working from home so I braved the rain … Continue reading


Back in the real world

I’ve had a day full of admin, it feels like. What with builders and banks and bewildering amounts of documentation to take care of, it’s almost like I was back at work. Of course, there was time to Skype with … Continue reading


Poodle intelligence

Today I had to head off for the Talking Newspaper. It marked the first test for the poodles being fenced in the back of the garden. Yesterday I built them a make shift tent and, before I left, I put … Continue reading


And so it starts

Mud, clay, rubble…that’s what the garden has been reduced to. Barrow after barrow of stuff has been taken to the skip and emptied, ready for the next one. Until it’s time for the skip to be taken away and replaced … Continue reading


Happy birthday, Dad!

Unlike Lizzie Bennett, Dad reckons he turned 28 today…which makes me a pretty amazing six year old. I normally ring Mum and Dad on a Tuesday but, due to a bit of mass organising day yesterday (Mirinda’s impending Miami trip … Continue reading


Food & The Future

The Farnham Food Festival was held today. Apart from the many stalls of wonderful local produce and international offerings, possibly the best bit is the fact that Castle Street is closed to traffic. When I went into town, the stalls … Continue reading