A moron with a mobile

A man on my train into London was very annoyed that his phone kept cutting out. Mobile technology is not very old so I reckon the fact that you can sit in a moving vehicle and make any connection with another device as you pass multiple phone masts, through thousands of other signals littering the air, is pretty amazing but all this man could do was complain that it kept cutting out. He even, stupidly, remarked that not only was the signal cut off but the phone call was cancelled as well! What does he think the signal is? Moron.

Being a Wednesday, I was on the train to our usual date – changed to nights for the foreseeable now that French has finished. Today I was lugging two huge pillows on the train up to the flat. Odd, but there you go. They were a surprise for Mirinda, seeing as she asked for them about a year ago and I’d only just ordered them last weekend. They were a bit of a pain on the Tube but I managed.

Speaking of the Tube, we are now being assailed by the voice of Boris, the mayor, at all stations, telling us to avoid the Tube during the Olympics because of the expected crowds. He even spoke to us at Waterloo. As well as this disembodied yet friendly and familiar voice, there has been an influx of hot pink signs all over the network, designating routes to various Olympic events. While they’re a good idea, I wonder how ordinary folk will manage because they are far more obvious than the normal signage.

The Jubilee line seemed to be running okay today until I sat down in a near empty train which didn’t go anywhere for about ten minutes. This meant the train ended up packed by the time the driver poked his head into the carriage and asked if anyone had noticed anything hanging off. This question was repeated throughout the train until he found whatever he was looking for. This is what had kept us at the station.

Of course, when we were able to leave, we were prevented by someone half in and out of the door; the result of 500 people squished into a carriage designed for 26. The driver came over the tannoy, exhorting us to move out of the doorways, in no uncertain terms. Anyway, this was only a minor delay compared to the original problem of something hanging off and eventually we were away. There were no more problems except for the people at the next few stops who couldn’t get on because there were none of those Japanese guards with the big white sticks.

The Tube was very hot today. It’s been very humid and by the time we reached Canary Wharf, a few passengers were reduced to puddles on the floor. I was close to evaporation but managed to remain solid just long enough to walk out of the station and across to the flat.

Mirinda has a week of social engagements so tonight, rather than visiting one of our favourite restaurants, we decided to eat in with a Waitrose chicken and salad. This is always a delicious alternative (and considerably cheaper). It was then back to Waterloo for the ride home with the other poor saps who have been at work all day.

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  1. mum cook says:

    Only just got to read your Wednesday blog sorry about that but have been feeling so awful hoping on that road up now.
    If it is like that before the Games start good job you will be away in Cork for some of it.
    love mum

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