On the wagon

Today I had to go to Frimley for the low down on the colonoscopy I had a while ago. I was rather expecting to hear there was nothing much wrong, given they’ve waited so long to get me in and discuss it. As it turns out, there’s not a whole lot wrong with me except for a strange little tribe of parasites living somewhere in my bowel.

It’s nothing to be concerned about although the doctor did say I’d have to have another colonoscopy in five years! And there was me thinking I’d never have to go through that horrendous ordeal again. I can safely say, here and now, that I’ll be having the sedation. The doctor did say I was remarkably tough going without this time.

The worst thing about these parasites is the drugs I have to take. I am on a two week course of pills that, under no circumstances whatever, can I mix with alcohol. Yep, that’s right. No drinks for Gary for two weeks and two days (you have to wait 48 hours after the course before taking a sip). The doctor warned me that if I did have a drink, even a small amount, I’d vomit, get hot flushes, start shaking, have my tongue swell, suddenly develop strange rashes, get a manky mouth and, eventually, wake up with the worst hangover EVER!

None of that sounds even remotely appealing so…one of my greatest pleasures will have to be briefly curtailed. I’m not certain I’ve ever managed to go two weeks without drinking something alcoholic. And I know it’ll only do me good. Still, it’s not an appealing prospect.

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  1. mum cook says:

    Oh dear how will you manage LOL you did not say what it is you have but does not sound very nice,now you be a good boy and do as you are told.
    love mum

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