Fast asleep

A news story yesterday really appealed to me. Mostly because it had a very Monty Python feel to it. But it is very important to remember it’s all true!

It happened at John Lennon airport, in Liverpool. Two women wheeled an old chap up to the flight desk and asked to buy three tickets to Germany. The person on the desk was a bit concerned about the old chap who wasn’t moving in the wheelchair. Someone decided that he was dead. The women insisted he wasn’t, saying he was just having a sleep.

Eventually a medical person and the police arrived and determined that the old chap was, in fact, dead. The women were very shocked. They claimed he had been fine when they left home and boarded the taxi for the airport. He was just a bit pale and was a pretty heavy sleeper.

Eventually the coroner looked at him and determined he had died two days previously. I saw the women interviewed and they looked as shocked as anyone. The old guy was 92 and there was nothing suspicious. Except the fact that the two women were trying to fly him home to Germany.

I like to imagine they’d succeeded. Imagine, you’re on a plane, you turn to the person next to you and start chatting to them. You have a great chat, all the way to Munich. You even comment on what a great listener they are. Actually…that reminds me of the flight back from Oktoberfest…

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  1. Mum Cook says:

    We saw that on our news,but could not work out why they would do that does it cost and arm and a leg to get a coffen home to what it would cost for a ticket if you go by seat in a plane, ah well the things people do.
    love mum


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