100 POSTS! I can’t believe it! I have managed to write almost every day since I started and now I’ve reached 100 posts. I was going to buy three birthday candles. A 1, and two 0s. I was going to put them on a small cupcake. I was going to post the picture here. I couldn’t find any in Farnham. So, I guess, apart from a fishmongers, there isn’t a candle seller here either. Anyway, Happy Anniversary to me!

And, to celebrate, today I went to Canary Wharf with Mirinda to check out her final list of flats. As usual, I waited for her to view about 450 of them then let her cross off all but four. She then set up appointments for us to view them today. I was much more excited about seeing Canary Wharf.

So, up at 6 and out of the house by 7:30, on the 8am train from Farnham. The plan was to meet at 9:30 by the statue of the guy on the horse (near Bank Station) which should have been very easy. The Waterloo & City line leaves from Waterloo and goes one stop, to Bank. Sadly, it wasn’t running because of stupid engineering work (I find it very interesting that they call it ‘engineering work’. Does that mean a whole bunch of engineers are down there, checking it out, building bridges, checking stresses? Or does it REALLY mean, maintenance work but they like to make it sound more important?) so I was forced to take the Northern Line to Tottenham Court Road and change for the District Line. Not that it made any difference. I arrived at 9:30 and still beat Mirinda who had to walk down the road from the flat.

And so to the DLR (Docklands Light Railway). It takes about 3 days to find the platform then the actual trip to Canary Wharf takes about 10 minutes. I’m pretty sure we walked most of the way, just underground. So down about 2 miles, following arrows down long staircases. The train, on the other hand, rises almost vertical in the shaft until the day suddenly appears.

The rest of the trip is a bit like a very slow roller coaster. The carriages are quite comfortable though a bit wobbly. Very pleasant, however, is the fact that it’s all above ground.

Canary Wharf Station is amazing. It’s an entire world of shops underground. Like Logan’s Run except with all age groups. And there is everything there. From here, we took a side entrance and returned to the real world, where we traipsed all around Canary Wharf, admiring the wonderfully modern buildings, boats called Josephine and multi-universe traffic lights.

Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf

We wandered around a lot more before sauntering into Carluccio’s. Unfortunately. We were ignored. And then they managed to bring us the wrong coffees. We were in there for ages. The staff eventually realised they weren’t serving us and tried to make up for it by offering me more pepper. Twice they offered me more pepper. It made little difference. Actually, to be honest, it made NO difference. I didn’t tip them. Which is a bit mean. After all, I could have written something like “My tip: Do not ignore your customers.”

Not that we were rushed for time. Mirinda managed to book the viewings with about three hours between each one. Anyway, we met the realo and visited the first flat. I didn’t need to see any more. It is perfect. Nice and spacious, light, wonderful kitchen. It was previously a rental to corporate clients so it is furnished. The furnishings are included. Which is perfect.

But, of course, we HAD to see the other properties as well. Having a few hours to spare, we decided to catch the Thames Clipper over to Greenwich. Good God! It was packed. And most of them (Spanish, I think) knew each other. For some reason, they were very keen on taking photographs of one of their friends because he kept falling asleep. I am not sure what that’s about.

Greenwich was amazingly crowded. We wandered a bit and then, suddenly, Mirinda grabs then drags me into San Miguel, a Spanish tapas restaurant. Fantastic place. Lovely food, great service, nice owner. A LOT better than Carluccio’s. I totally recommend it.

San Miguel, home of excellent tapas in Greenwich

San Miguel, home of excellent tapas in Greenwich

After lunch we wandered around the (no longer) Royal Naval College. An amazing place. So amazing it has it’s own monogrammed rubbish bins. Now that’s important.

Monogrammed rubbish bin, Greenwich

Monogrammed rubbish bin, Greenwich

We decided we had to come back to Greenwich but for today our visit was limited and we boarded the Thames Clipper back across the river to Burrell’s Wharf.

Here I was dragged around three flats, all the time thinking we’d already seen the perfect flat. The realo had the weirdest boots. They had a huge bit missing on the ankle of each, exposing her flesh to the elements. It was most peculiar. And her skirt (while I’m busy assassinating her character) looked very similar to a Victorian gas light cover only not made of glass. She also wore far too much make up.

Anyway, we thanked her and boarded the next ferry to Waterloo. Mirinda asked what I thought and I repeated (for the millionth time) that the first flat had been perfect and I wasn’t sure why we hung around for the others. It turned out that she felt the same.

Come Monday morning, Mirinda will make an offer on the flat. Let’s hope we get it.

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3 Responses to Anniversary

  1. Claire says:

    Congratulations Gary ! I enjoy your posts very much The Canary wharf area sounds very unique and an excellent way of living during the week.We hope you are lucky and manage to have your offer accepted.Love to you both.Claire

  2. Mum Cook says:

    Wow 100 congrats Gary Charles, how come there is no water if it is a wharf, you are both really getting to know London,I will feel like a visitor if I ever come back. Hope all goes well with the flat. love mum

  3. Mirinda says:

    The problem is that G hates looking at flats – which is why normally I go with Ben instead- so he is quite likely to say the first one is perfect just because he thinks he might not have to look at any more.
    Tho in this case I think it’s perfect too.

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