My visit with Sandra

Firstly, let me say that I’m getting a lot closer with my photograph of a crow in flight. This is the best of today’s efforts. I’m almost happy with it. The poodles quite expertly chased it into the air after I had it well in my sights. I managed to snap off about 30 pics. I’m thinking of training them to go around the other side of the bird and scare it into the air directly at me.

So close…

While the poodles did a very good job with the crow, they weren’t as good later, both of them having the identical FSI. I do blame myself somewhat as I was busy taking photographs of a cheeky squirrel and by the time I spotted them it was all too late.

The daring young squirrel on the flying trapese

Given that Carmen no longer has the agility to leap into the bath, I have to pick her up. Given she managed a pretty all inclusive FSI, meant I was also covered in the foul smelling stuff. Obviously I followed them into the shower. Talk about gross. Cleaning it off them is one thing, off me? Not very nice!

Mind you, this is the first FSI since before I broke my wrist. I’ve only just been able to wash them so it’s only been awhile they’ve been let off the lead. But wash them I now can so there’s no excuse for them to be quite so rank as they prefer.

My wrist is actually getting a lot stronger. I went to the physio today and she, again, was very pleased with my progress. The side to side and forward movement is all good. I just need to work on the bending back and support of weight parts.

To this end, Sandra took me off the memory foam all together and introduced me to something I’ll call flubber. It’s a sort of very, very thick liquid that takes hours to flow. It’s excellent to squeeze because of it’s viscous nature. It is nice and hard but flows between your fingers…eventually. Mirinda suggested I do a time lapse of it flowing. I think I just might. Here’s a couple of single shots.

Before – just plonked on top of a hand cream bottle
After – about an hour later it’s flowing down the sides

Truly bizarre stuff. And I LOVE it.

The other thing Sandra did (apart from rave about the excellent improvement in my wrist) was give me a strength test. I had to squeeze this silver metal thing which had a gauge in front for her to read off the numbers. Squeezing with my right hand produced an 80 (I have no idea what this measures but she told me it was good). I then switched to my left hand and squeezed with all my might. She had to stop me as she read out 40. She was stunned with delight. Generally, she told me, people have 75% strength in their non-dominant wrist. The fact that I had 50% was a great moment in healing.

So there you go. Sandra’s happy, Gary’s happy, Mirinda’s happy and the poodles were happy…until I gave them a bath.

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2 Responses to My visit with Sandra

  1. mum cook says:

    That stuff looks awful cant see what it will do for your wrist but suppose it must or she wouldn’t have given it to you.
    Great picture of the crow and flying squirrel.
    love mum

  2. Mirinda says:

    That crow is such a deep velvety black. It looks unexpectedly beautiful.

    I love the flubber too!

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