A drive in the country

Another beautiful and cold day. No clouds, blue sky, less than 8 degrees: My perfect kinda day.

Given the ongoing lack of mobility in Mirinda’s knee, rather than take the dogs for a lovely walk across some gorgeous common, after lunch, we went for a drive.

Whenever Mirinda spots a new house on her realo app, she likes to go over and listen to the soundscape. This way any hint of noise and any prospective houses can be instantly marked off the list of possible visits. Her ears are quite exacting so this reduces the amount of houses she has to see by a goodly sum.

Today we managed to wipe off a couple of places that stretched along a road that ran parallel to the A3. They were only really suitable for the deaf or the type of people who never open their windows. As we fall into neither category, they were all scratched from the list.

We were close to Butser so we decided to pop into the Red Lion at Chalton for a drink. This is the pub where, upon meeting Dawn, Nick and the boys for the burning of the wickerman, we were cruelly forced to retire to because they had suddenly banned dogs. I remember it very well because it marked the first time I met Nicktor and we spent the evening together in a pub, minding the dogs. Things haven’t really changed that much.

Here we all are having lunch in the car park. Typically, Nicktor is holding up one of his milk bottles of beer. I’m pretty sure it was love at first sight. Dawn, Mirinda, the boys, Karen and Nigel all wanted to see the burning so we (Nick and I) generously volunteered to sacrifice ourselves on the altar of the Red Lion.

Eating in the car park in 2004

I can’t believe how young the boys are in this photograph! It just shows how long we’ve known the Cansfields.

Today the Red Lion is almost all restaurant, particularly on a lovely Sunday like today…though the beer is still lovely. The food was busy assailing our nostrils with delicious temptation but we were good. We drank our drinks and then drove home, narrowly missing the new tunnel.

Mirinda checks the colour of her cider

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2 Responses to A drive in the country

  1. mum cook says:

    Not only the boys but the rest of the people in the photo Nicktor has long hair and looks very young and Dawn looks like a teenager in fact as I said they all look very young. Lovely photo wonder what Karen and Nigel are doing now?
    love mum

  2. Mirinda says:

    And don’t forget the dogs – so black. Now there is a good deal of silver especially on carmen.


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