Exposed toes

Given all the excitement of yesterday, I forgot to mention that I made some walnut topped pecan cups for Mirinda, and they destroyed my mixer. It was like concrete. Moving forward, the next time I make pecan topped pecan cups, I’ll use a knife instead. As destructive as they were, Mirinda said they were good to eat.

Mirinda left early for her usual Swedish class while I, home alone, re-fashioned the right Sneaky Steve to be wearable. I tested it by walking to the letterbox and back. It worked perfectly.

It was extremely handy because tonight we went over to Nicoline’s for dinner. She’d invited us at the beginning of the week and tonight was the night. I really needed a shoe on my right foot given the temperature. It fell to -7°, which would have been a wee bit chilly on any exposed toes.

We hadn’t seen Nicoline for a while, given her child sitting and cat minding duties over the last month, so it was a lovely chance to catch up. And we did so over a bowl of delicious fisksoppa, a plate of salad and some ostkaka. I’d never had ostkaka, which is Swedish cheesecake. Normally I don’t like cheesecake, but ostkaka is delicious. Particularly with fresh whipped cream on top. I have been tasked with making one. That’ll be no problem.

Nicoline finished the meal with Irish coffee. Rather strong Irish coffee. Because she was driving, I managed to sneakily switch Mirinda’s for mine after I’d downed most of it. When I confessed to it later, she was completely unaware. Nice bit of sleight of hand there.

Obviously there was free flowing red wine as well as cava to start. Apparently, Nicoline has many, many bottles of cava left over from her party back in August. Her brother, Peter, was meant to return them to the Systembolaget but due to a misunderstanding, didn’t. I had no idea you can return booze. Not that I could ever imagine doing it myself.

The meal was a bit progressive, given we started in the kitchen, moved to the dining room and finished in the front room.

All in all, we had a delightful night and, didn’t overstay our welcome and were home at a reasonable hour.

Oh, and the reason I topped the pecan cups with walnuts was because I ran out of pecans. Mirinda remedied that by going to the Everything-in-the-World Market on her way home. She deposited about three tons of nuts, including pecans, on the kitchen top for me to store away and use next time.

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