Going home

Up at 7 to pack and pull down the tent. Managed to fit everything back in, which surprised me. Left Fishbourne at 9, saying goodbye to those that have remained to work the weekend as volunteers. Had only 10 minute waits at Havant and Guildford. Got to Aldershot and had to wait ¾ hour. Had a Rollover Hotdog which purports to be “The best hotdog in the world”. I have no idea who judges this sort of thing (and it just doesn’t compare with the one we had in New York) but it’s pretty damn good when you’ve not eaten since dinner the night before. Because of this, I am not wholly objective in it’s merits and shortcomings.

Got to Alton and had to wait an hour for a cab. Finally home at 1.30. Went to bed sober for the first time in a week…but boy the mattress was good!

I have to say that this was one of the most enjoyable weeks I have ever spent. I feel I have learned an awful lot, met a lot of great people and enjoyed myself as well. Not to mention the amount of beer I’ve consumed. Leaving aside the beer, this is in no small way due to David Rudkin and John Manley who infect you with their enthusiasm and skills. I will be going to the end of dig party on 24 August to reacquaint with (hopefully) most of them and you couldn’t keep me away from Fishbourne 2003!

Gaz at Fishbourne

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