Guess who won the vodka

This morning, I was playing back the videos I took in Cornwall and realised, to Denise’s great amusement, that I started almost all of them with “So, here we are at…” When you watch them, one after the other, it’s quite funny.

I took a few videos today but managed to not say anything. Not easy for me. The videos I took were of the FATN 50th birthday party, held this afternoon at the Farnham Hotel.

Denise was my plus one. She actually wore a dress. I reckon it’s the first time I’ve seen her in a dress since her wedding. She’ll probably insist that she wore a dress to my wedding, but I don’t remember.

I was worried the occasion would be dull and boring. Thanks to Jenny and Elizabeth, it was anything but. In fact, when I told Anne that we were on the naughty table she admitted she wished she’d been with us. And it was true. Jenny was a total cack.

I’d never met her as she used to work on the admin side of FATN with Elizabeth. She walked in and stood next to Denise and me at the beginning, and she never really left. Obviously, she realised we were the cool kids. I reckon she was a jolly hockey sticks Gosage type when she was at school.

The thing is, the majority of the FATN people are in their twilight years and I guess it’s hard to let go and relax. I don’t mean to be critical; everyone does such wonderful things and are very generous with their time, however, all around us, during the musical entertainment, which was excellent, everyone looked like they were about to slowly drop off. It took me straight back to the performances we gave at retirement homes when the audience was mostly asleep. At least our table was awake.

The afternoon was excellent. I enjoyed seeing everyone, given it’s been a few years. I mentioned to Charles how much I thought most people had aged, and he agreed. It’s been a while. I guess I’m in the same boat, but with a beard. Actually, the beard was a bit of a talking point. Even John Evans, who people think I’m trying to emulate, was impressed.

It was really good seeing John. He just goes on forever. In fact, when someone said something about the FATN 100th birthday, asking who would be there, I gestured towards John. He’s Methuselah. His face implied he’d rather not be.

Anyway, after the entertainment, the cutting and eating of the cake, the speeches and general raucousness, it was time for the raffle. There were about a thousand prizes. As each one was announced I kept hoping I wouldn’t win. Though I thought Mirinda would like one of the Squires vouchers.

Then, near the end, a bottle of vodka was announced as being the prize and, you’ll never guess what? I won! In fact, I won this:

I was shocked, surprised and absolutely delighted. And no-one who knew me, was surprised at how delighted I was. Clearly they know what a booze hound I am.

Speaking of hounds, the girls were extremely happy to see me when we picked them up from the kennel this morning and brought them home. In fact, Emma had a little present for me. She has, finally, come into season. How generous.

But, back at the birthday party, just before we left, Anne insisted on posing with me.

She said this was to make Mirinda jealous. I said we were just preventing each other from falling over.

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