Technical woes

Today we left Morningstar Cottage, walked along the almost mud path, used the short access path rather than the beach, reversed Freddy, packed him up then drove all the way home. The reason we had to walk all the way to Freddy rather than drive Freddy closer to the cottage is because it was high tide and I wasn’t convinced he wouldn’t float away.

I guess we could have left later (high tide was at 07:30) but we were up, awake and packed so we decided to make an early start. As it was, we were delayed along the almost mud path by an electrician from St Agnes who wanted to tell us how much he enjoyed the new Elvis movie. He reckoned Denise would love it. I don’t know why.

He was a chatty chap who, when he discovered we were heading back to Surrey asked if we knew Woking. His daughter lives in Pyrford, and he’d been there. He was amazed at how much we drink in Surrey and how much it all costs.

He eventually let us go and we continued along the almost muddy path to Freddy.

The trip home was pretty smooth. It was quicker than the journey down but, as I said to Denise, we didn’t make the Truro mistake and she was getting far more used to the double roundabouts. I think being early also helped as we avoided any sort of rush hour.

The only mishaps were a chap who broke down on a rather narrow stretch of the A303, just before the Stonehenge roundabout, holding up traffic for miles, fortunately in the opposite direction, and the fact that my phone overheated and stopped charging. I tried replacing the cable, but it didn’t make any difference. Once I arrived home I plugged it into the wall and it worked fine. Clearly Freddy had a problem with my phone. I’m rather glad he decided to wait until I knew where we were.

I’ve been using my phone because Freddy doesn’t have SatNav.

This wasn’t the only tech issue we encountered today. When I left last Friday, I turned everything off in the house. When we returned today, I turned it all back on. Now we have no Internet. I rang our provider, and they have raised a ticket and will try and get an engineer out but, it being almost 5:30pm on a Friday, he couldn’t say when that would be.

So I am having to use my phone as a hotspot in order to write this post. So, given the earlier problem, I’m glad the fault lay with Freddy and not with my phone.

Anyway, that was all just annoying. Once we’d unpacked the car, we walked into Farnham where I managed to get a much needed haircut. We then had a late lunch at Lost Boy before walking home.

Of course, having had a haircut meant I had to trim my beard. Only then did I feel human once more.

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