Drinking the Holly Bush dry

A while ago, during the rather prolonged sale of the cottage, we promised that, at its conclusion, we’d have a drink with David J for all his help. David lives in the middle cottage and was a big player in the sale pushing forward to completion. He’s a lovely chap and one we’ve both got on with over the years.

Today, honouring the promise, we met at the Holly Bush and didn’t leave for about five hours. During that time there was a considerable quantity of wine consumed. There was also lots of laughter. And a platter of finger food, which was delicious.

During our time together, we learned a lot of things about the situation at the cottages (we have started calling it the Drove Curse), the new owners and, most enlightening, David J’s life story.

He’s a geologist who looks for resources in, among other places, Nigeria. Actually, he was in Nigeria last week where he received a stomach bug which saw him thrown into isolation for a few days. The Royal Surrey wasn’t taking any chances in case he had something far more serious than food poisoning. Malaria, dengue fever, Ebola, plague, that sort of thing.

For the last little while, we were joined by David’s daughter and her minder (his lift home) and the mirth continued even more so. David thinks I’m the funniest man he’s ever known. I’m not sure why. To be fair, I did make him laugh a lot. Though, of course, that could have been the Malbec laughing.

We had planned to part company, after a couple of drinks, at 5pm, but we were having such a grand time, we stayed until 8. Clearly not having had enough of us, David is going to invite us to a barbecue in the summer.

I guess the Curse will be with us for a little while yet. In a nice way, of course.

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