My belly button doesn’t exist anymore

Yesterday morning, Mirinda had an appointment with James, her hairdresser, so I thought it would be nice if we both walked into Farnham together. I’d sit in Starbucks and write my blog post while she had colour applied to her hair, then we’d meet for a coffee somewhere.

I’m not usually in town on a Saturday morning, so it was a bit of a treat for me. Also, because I was walking around more than I usually do, I noticed a few changes. Like this bench, for instance.

It faces the Andrew Windsor almshouses in Castle Street. I guess there’s going to be quite a few of them dotted around the country this year. At first, I thought this was a silly position but, given the usual awful traffic in Castle Street, facing the almshouses is a considerably more attractive proposition.

Also, I don’t when it closed but Goldsmith’s Jewellers is no longer at the entrance to the Lion and Lamb Yard. It’s been there for as long as we have at the very least. I remember visiting during a Heritage Week and being able to stand on the staircase and learning about the minstrel’s gallery.

The main reason I remember it is that we were not allowed into the gallery or further than the landing of the stairs. They took their security very seriously. Mind you, they’d been the victims of quite a few smash and grabs over the years, so it was reasonable.

And now, sadly, the shop is empty.

Not so empty was The Lost Boy, where I met Mirinda for an unexpected breakfast. Actually, she had a run in with one of their waitresses. Mirinda asked for her usual Americano with cream and the waitress said they didn’t do cream.

Mirinda then assured her that she’d had a lot of Americanos at The Lost Boy and always had cream. The waitress went on to explain that Mirinda probably had whole milk and mistook it for cream. What a silly waitress.

Eventually, Mirinda managed to receive cream for her Americano from a completely different, smarter waitress. I’d like to report that the first waitress was sacked, but I don’t think she was. Though maybe she’d be better off working in a non-customer facing environment.

It was while passing the bar, on my way to the loo, that I overheard a woman say to one of the bar staff that her “…belly button doesn’t exist anymore.” This prompted me to stop in my tracks, turn and regard her and say “Really? How odd.” Then continue on up the stairs.

As we made our way home, we noticed that the roof work over Bill’s appears to be making some headway. All the tiles are off, at any rate.

I remember when this was done to both The Giggling Squid building and the almshouses. It took ages. Hopefully, this will not take as long.

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