Sitting on the grass

Mirinda was at work today while I did housework and a bit of scanning and shredding. In fact, I managed to finish a thick folder of old papers that related to my archaeology days. This felt like a big achievement given the size of the folder. It sits alongside the big plastic box I finally emptied last week.

The weather being so beautiful meant I could use the washing line for two loads, and it was dry by the early afternoon. It was quite warm and there was a light breeze happily flapping the clothes back and forth.

After lunch, I took the girls to the park so Emma could chase her tennis ball. Another dog owner was sat on the grass in our usual line of flight so, rather than sit on the bench as usual, I sat in the shade, on the grass. Freya was content to lie alongside me with the occasional foray for essential squirrel patrol.

Given the time of year, there are a lot of daisies littering the grass at the moment. When the weather is perfect, this is truly the best time of the year in Farnham Park.

Just before Mirinda arrived home, the rain started, signalling the end of the day. It was just like Queensland except without the overbearing heat. Oh, and the rain wasn’t quite so torrential.

It was lovely sitting back, doors completely open, watching the rain. The perfect end to a perfect day.

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