All rosy in the garden

I should have gone shopping today. I decided to put it off until tomorrow because Mirinda was leaving for Coventry for a work thing at 8:45. It made more sense to leave it. Except it wasn’t. I forgot how busy I will be tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the day that the guys are coming to trim the trees. It’s no wonder I forgot. It was booked in months ago. Okay, it’s in all the calendars but, generally, I remember the day to day things. It’s probably why I blithely said I could cover for someone with the Talking Newspaper tomorrow as well.

But, that’s tomorrow. Today I almost forgot I was attending the Talking Newspaper AGM by Zoom. The meeting was scheduled to start at 11am. At 10:59 I suddenly remembered and quickly hopped on. I didn’t want to be late. I shouldn’t have worried. Anne had some technical problems and was five minutes late.

Dame Elizabeth was getting a bit annoyed with the late start but, eventually, it was all underway and proceeded without a hitch. Well, apart from the people who didn’t mute themselves. Every time they made a sound, they were highlighted on the screen which was odd. Still, that didn’t stop anyone from speaking.

Actually, starting late was good because everyone I haven’t seen for a couple of years could comment on my beard. Malcolm Inglis, for instance, asked if I was channelling John Evans. Tim claimed I was putting his effort to shame which I said looked more like a scourer. I said I’d been trying to plait it and Charles suggested I’d need a second pair of hands for that.

It was all very jolly. And the AGM only lasted half an hour.

At the end, Anne wanted to talk to Susan and suddenly said “Now that everyone’s gone, I just want to say –” but was interrupted by Charles who said we were all still there. There was a frantic switching off of connections. It was very funny.

As I sat there, listening, I couldn’t help but notice the roses which have started appearing around the garden. From the pretty pink ones on the Holly Arch…

…to the beautiful yellow roses on the gazebo. You can see them in the distance in the above photograph. The blurry, yellow smudges are two roses.

Earlier in the day, while I was writing my blog post, I noticed that I wrote about the roses two years ago, during the first Lockdown, at about this time. Then, again in 2019.

By the time that dinner time came around, I realised I definitely should have gone shopping. There wasn’t a lot of food in the house. Still, I managed to cobble something together.

In the meanwhilst, I didn’t hear a peep from Mirinda all day. I guess that’s what they mean by being sent to Coventry.

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