Reasons to hate Tesco

This morning, waiting for a bus, I saw a man across the road at the opposite bus stop. He was also waiting for a bus. The only reason I mention him is because of his choice of death method. Clearly frightened of the virus, he was wearing a mask, though, as I watched, he had it under his chin because he was busy puffing away on a cigarette. I’m not taking any kind of moral stand; I just thought it was interesting in pulmonary terms.

The reason I was waiting for the bus was because today the girls had their date with Kate and her clippers. A date to turn curly headed mops into sleek, velveteen rabbits.

I’d walked up, earlier, crossing the park diagonally because, with the lack of rain comes the lack of mud. The last few times, I have been forced to take the all weather path which is not just longer, it’s also not as scenic.

Through copse and woods and open fields, we walked across the park beneath an ominous gathering of bruised and looming clouds. Reaching Kate’s and handing the shivering dogs over to her, she said she’d drive them back if it was pouring with rain. I told her that was fine; I’d get Mirinda to drive me if it was pouring with rain. I wasn’t convinced it would be pouring with rain.

I then popped into the Tesco Express to pick up a few things ahead of Saturday’s Japanese feast. I was hoping to defray the big shop I’m going to have to do over the next few days. What a surprise was in store for me.

There were no individual vegetables for a start. I needed three carrots, they wanted me to buy a big bag full. I needed one parsnip, they only come in multiples. One leek? You have to have two. And the shopping trolleys require a coin to use them.

I wound up with a bottle of soy sauce, three onions and a bag of spinach. Hardly very helpful. I guess I’ve just been spoiled by farmer’s markets and Waitrose.

The rain that had threatened finally did arrive. As I walked down Kate’s road on the way to pick the girls up, it started spitting. Then, as I recrossed the park, the spitting became a little more pronounced. But it was never very strong. I only managed to get slightly damp and the dogs just needed a brusque towelling when we reached home.

So, I managed a lot of exercise, the dogs were given new hairdos and I managed to use my bus pass. Life is beautiful.

Just like my girls.

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