Morning, Ms Fox

Most days, when I sit down at my computer, my daily blog post almost writes itself. It’s particularly easy when we’re away. Even on days when the only thing I do is walk to the shops, I’ll find something to write about. Then there’s days like today.

If I were to write about what I did, it would not make the most exciting reading. There was some dead soldier research, lots of scanning and shredding, scattered bits of housework including three loads of laundry, my usual hour of reading. I didn’t even cook dinner given Mirinda was practising her roast salmon.

The weather was possibly the most interesting thing about today. It started a bit wet with lots of cloud then, gradually, everything brightened up to blue sky and sunshine.

Mind you, we did see a fox on the terrace this morning.

It was while I was having my usual initial coffee, eyes half closed, dogs lying on me. Suddenly, Emma’s head popped up and her body started shaking. I looked at where she was staring. A fox was staring back through the glass.

Emma was struggling to get away but I held fast, giving the fox a good chance to get away. Freya immediately leapt from the lounge and stood at the closed back door. This gave the fox the impetus to, leisurely, walk away, via Neighbour Dave’s garden.

Finally, I let Emma go, and she was out the doggy door and sniffing around Clive’s Corner and the Rat Run, looking a bit disappointed. I also opened the back door so Freya could join in the fruitless hunt.

I’ve seen the fox in the garden before but never on the terrace. It made for a lovely start to the day. Pity I didn’t get a photo.

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