Happy Gary day

A complete stranger, having greeted me yesterday, assured me that the weather was set to improve. When I asked her in what way, she said the clouds would go, the temperature would drop and there’d be no rain. And, for today anyway, she was totally correct.

Then, by sheer coincidence, I saw her again today. I told her she was clearly some sort of oracle and did she have the lottery numbers for this week. Actually, what I said was that she could predict the weather whenever she liked if it was going to be so perfect.

And the day remained perfect for the whole day. In fact, it was so cold that Mirinda didn’t open the greenhouse doors, even when the temperature inside topped 13°. Outside it was only 6°, but the sun on the greenhouse glass sent the mercury soaring. With the door open, it would have plummeted very quickly.

I always find that, following weeks of incessant and annoying rain, a beautiful day like today makes for a very happy Gary. I spent most of the day smiling while doing housework, general admin and the researching of a few dead soldiers. I find that doing a bit of one then the other just breaks the day up; stopping any one thing from becoming too much of a boring chore.

Mirinda took the girls to Thursley for a lovely sun-drenched walk in the early afternoon but otherwise, was ensconced in the library, working.

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