Sudden and unexpected death

Today started bright enough but, as the day wore on, the clouds came in and, eventually, the rain started again. It seems we were only allowed one really cold and bright day. Stupid Thor and his buddies.

But the weather faded into the background for much of today. I had a Talking Newspaper session with Susan which I had to prepare, edit and record. As usual, on my hybrid, I clipped the stories from the online edition of the Herald before heading out to the office to begin editing. Except I couldn’t.

My faithful old laptop, the one I bought in 2016, shortly after our return from Budapest where I spilled coffee in the older one, had an odd message on the screen. Not quite the blue screen of death, it said it couldn’t boot up. I tried a number of things to fix it but, eventually, had to leave it alone and work out a different way to do things.

For reasons too numerous to go into, I wound up recording in the bedroom, using my hybrid and snuggled under the doona. As it turned out, the recording went very well and we finished early so I could get back to trying to resuscitate the laptop.

But there was nothing I could do. It was terminal. While I have the hybrid for a lot of stuff (like this blog), I really need a full machine in the office.

So, I looked for a new one.

After checking out around 300 laptops, I managed to find one that meet my rather exacting criteria. I ordered it and it’s due to arrive on Saturday. I guess that means my weekend is now taken care of as I get it up to spec.

Mind you, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Apart from software, everything is on external drives and everything is continually backed up (I use Backblaze which is excellent and well worth the money). For that reason, I’m not at all concerned about losing data. Because I won’t.

And here’s a photo taken from the greenhouse looking back towards the house for no reason other than it’s better than one of a dead computer.

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