Flying to Paris?

I really tested my knee out today. Firstly I went shopping, secondly I spent a lot of time cooking ahead of tomorrow and, thirdly…actually, there wasn’t a third thing. I did some more work on our tax return, but that was sitting down and by way of a number of necessary breaks.

To be fair, my knee felt a lot better first thing. In fact, if today had been yesterday, I’d have happily gone to the football with Nicktor. However, it wasn’t good enough to walk into town with my trusty wicker trolley. Mirinda volunteered to drive me.

Normally, I hate relying on other people for the most basic of things but, given my knee, I was very happy to accept the offer. In fact, we even went to Starbucks together, something that rarely happens. Sue wondered why we didn’t bring the dogs. We should have.

Because we didn’t bring the dogs, Mirinda dropped a few things in the trolley that were definitely off-list. This is something that hasn’t happened for a while, given she hasn’t been shopping with me for yonks. Still, it was a nice enough sacrifice to make to have her with me.

At the checkout, I overheard the customer in front of me wish the check out woman a good time in Paris. When it was my turn to have my stuff scanned, I asked if I’d heard right, that she was going to Paris. She smiled and said yes. I told her I was very jealous given how much I love Paris. Then, when I asked if she was taking the train, she stunned me by saying that, no, she was flying because it was cheaper.

The woman on the check out was over 23 (she was able to scan alcohol) but I don’t think she was very much beyond that. The immediate future is hers, she was old enough to make a difference. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. I guess I’m far too ready to expect people to be aware of general problems.

The environmental damage aside, there’s also the fact that flying takes longer, is more uncomfortable and you wind up miles outside Paris. I suppose she’d factored in the travel costs between airports and civilised life. There’s no point in wondering the cost of her personal comfort because, clearly, that’s very cheap.

Once again, I ask, why should I bother? When the people who are going to inherit the mess don’t care, at my great advanced age, why should I? Obviously, I will, particularly in the case of travel. I much prefer the comfort and ease of train or ferry travel over planes.

Anyway, enough of that. As I said above, I spent most of the day cooking, ahead of tomorrow’s Swedish lunch with Sarah and Nick.

I prep’ed meatballs, cardamom buns and spinach soup, and froze a few eggy butter balls.

It was a long day in the kitchen, on my feet, but I loved it. Mind you, I did need quite a few breaks for a bit of a sit down throughout the day. Still, very satisfying.

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