Did I really say bugger?

I had planned to go to the football tonight with Nicktor. He’d suggested we go to the Aldershot youth team game. It was going to be a bit of a luxurious night, with dinner in the lounge and seating in the Director’s Box. I waited till the last minute, just in case my knee miraculously decided to bear my weight. It was foolish.

I didn’t go to the football.

It was another day resting my knee and keeping my leg straight. Mind you, I had a Talking Newspaper so sitting with a straight leg was actually very easy.

Today’s recording was with Nina, who is always wonderful, and Tim as engineer who is always worth a laugh. It was his birthday last week (Remembrance Day) so I mentioned it a few times. I also mentioned Greta Thunberg’s opinion of Glasgow COP26 (“blah, blah, blah“) but, as Tim correctly pointed out, he was going to delete that.

This led to a discussion about Pete Parsons who I had a wonderful relationship with. As Presenter, I’d say whatever I wanted and, as Engineer, he’d delete lots of it. It always made me feel better to vent without the consequence of anyone listening to it.

Good old Pete. Such a lovely chap. I haven’t seen or heard from him for years. According to Tim, he’s moved down the coast, living near Brighton to be close to his family.

Another thing that Tim picked me up on was my use of the word ‘bugger’ which was amazing because I had no idea I’d said it. I’m generally pretty careful with my language on the recordings but this one just slipped out. The chat about it was a good deal funnier than the use of the word, particularly given Nina refused to say it.

Because the engineers only know the time stamp for the sound issues, he could tell me where or when I’d said it, which made it difficult to come up with a pick up. I went with ‘blow’, hoping that what I’d said was “That’s a bugger!

My only excuse is the larrikin in me.

Anyway, all in all, it was a very enjoyable session. Afterwards, Tim reiterated the opinion that it’s a shame they don’t get more chatty in the studio. He was there last week and said it was very quiet and not exactly fun. Nina said that’s because I wasn’t there, which is very sweet, but I just think it’s because the people who haven’t been involved in the remote recordings have no idea how to chat between stories.

According to Mirinda it’s because of me. I don’t know, but I refuse to take it too seriously. I just hope the listeners enjoy it. Again, they might like Gaz the Larrikin.

The only other thing I did (other than work on our tax return) was sweep the leaves again. A gust of wind was all it took to create a fresh blanket on the terrace.

I just added them to the wall from yesterday.

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