Light lending clarity to our walk

Some days feel like they’re full of admin. Then there’s days like today which actually are full of admin. Days like these are not particularly newsworthy, and I always struggle to write anything. I guess I could just not write, after all, it’s generally only for me. Then I think that, because it’s more or less, just for me, I need to know how my days are spent.

So, today I did a lot of admin. It’s surprising how much day to day stuff there is to do even when you’re in a different country. Or because you are.

Between the admin, there was a bit of research, for a change of pace. I also suddenly remembered I have a Talking Newspaper recording this week, so I wrote my Letter to Sweden. Which is always fun.

In fact, the best bit of the day was going for our evening constitutional.

The sky was rather interesting this evening. Big bruised clouds threatened us in the south while clear skies vied for dominance in every other direction. The clear skies won out.

This time of the year, the evening light is lovely and soft. It lends clarity to the views, an added pleasure to a walk. Even sad and forgotten houses appear interesting and warm.

Here’s the steps to a house which has seen better days. A tree fell across the path back at the end of last year. It hasn’t moved. Now the steps seem to be drifting away. All a bit sad and abandoned.

I suspect that the fallen tree will rot away before anyone actually moves it.

Back at home, I fried up a couple of delicious steaks I bought from the butcher yesterday along with some Gazatouille and asparagus. Damn fine meal it was, if I do say so myself.

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