Near collisions of confused shoppers

Today France announced it is going to ban short haul domestic flights where a train could be taken and the trip take up to two and a half hours. Originally the time was four hours, which would have been better but at least it’s something. It follows Austria, which stopped flights between Vienna and Salzburg last year. Brilliant idea but I bet it never happens in the US or Australia.

I didn’t need a plane today, given I only went to Trollbäcken. The bus took a lot less than two and a half hours. Though it took a tad longer than usual because I went to the butcher. I haven’t been since I sprained my ankle and the bus stop and underpass looked very different.

Back then, the above scene was covered in snow. A bit further on and the lake was frozen.

While shopping at the butcher was excellent, there was one rather annoying incident.

I arrived with five minutes to go before opening. There was one car in the sizeable car park with a woman sitting in it. I noted this as she’d be before me in the queue. Just as I started to head for the small bench by the ramp, a second car pulled up.

Rather than park in one of the numerous car spaces, this car pulled up across the steps leading into the butcher. The driver jumped out, mask in hand, and stared at the door of the butcher before realising it wasn’t open yet. When it did open, the driver charged in.

The woman who was first then appeared at the door and gestured for me to head in before her. I waved her away saying she was before me and she smiled, gratefully and went in. The two of us then watched as the rude driver spent ages ordering her meat.

It was completely unnecessary and ridiculously rude. I wanted to ask why the driver felt so privileged.

Up at Ica, the huge change of shop floor continues apace. Today it looked like complete carnage with shelving units moved to within inches of each other and passages blocked. A few times I would enter an aisle only to be forced back by a palette or shopping trolley full of stock. There were near collisions of confused shoppers aplenty, all managed with good-humoured smiles rather than strained irritation.

There was a bit of a hunt for some items as they’ve moved nearly everything to some place else. Very confusing though, in a strange kind of way, fun. Like a treasure hunt. But without a map. Or much treasure.

Back at home, I spent the day doing various dull and boring things before knocking up a rather delicious lasagne for dinner.

It’s always a good day that ends with good food.

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