Nora and Nora

Sometimes, like today, the 840 bus drops people off at the far end of Tyresö Centrum bus terminal. The bus stop is long and most of the time contains another bus so, generally, we get off at the entrance near the taxi rank. I’ve never included a photo of that entrance because it’s not that interesting but, today, I took this because the sky looked so beautiful.

I have taken a couple of photos looking out of the windows of Toscanini’s restaurant which, had I been standing where I was, would have included me.

As you can see from the photo above, Toscanini has its own entrance. This means that they can serve up to four people at a table. Other places inside the centre cannot. They have to serve single people sitting at single tables. Not that this rule is being universally adhered to. I noticed a few of groups of lunchtime men inside, sitting together and chatting happily away.

More important than my shopping trip was the fact that today, Mirinda used the Swedish health service. Not for anything life threatening. It was a wax issue. She had to have her ears flushed out. She’s been going steadily deaf over the last few days. Frustrating for both of us.

So, yesterday, she rang a medical centre about a mile away and managed to make an appointment for this morning.

She went along and they were very helpful. Both the receptionist and the nurse who actually did the hosing of the aural canal. Mirinda said it all went remarkably well and she left with her hearing vastly improved.

When the nurse showed her what she’d flushed out of Mirinda’s ears, she told her that there wasn’t much and that other patients can have massive amounts, holding her fingers wide apart to indicate the size. Which was frightening. I’m surprised that people with four inches of wax in their ears can actually hold their head up, let alone hear anything.

But, back at the shops…at Espresso House I was chatting with the barista. I asked her how her Easter was, and she told me how, rather than spending it with family (the very Swedish thing to do), she and her boyfriend had gone round to a friend’s place with a couple of bottles of wine. They chilled.

When she asked me what we’d been up to over the break, I asked if she’d heard of a town called Nora. She smiled broadly and said “Of course. Ever since I was a small child I wanted to go to Nora.” She then looked down.

I was a bit confused but smiled back wondering if I’d missed something she’d said.

Oh, I haven’t got my name badge on,” She explained. “My name is Nora.

She went on to tell me how her family had gone sailing on the lakes near Nora for years. She loved the town and I told her it reminded us of a French bastide town.

(Speaking of French towns, we’re currently watching Call My Agent and it is making me miss Paris so much. It’s the last episode tomorrow so then I’ll start missing Call My Agent as well.)

Back at home, Mirinda had a call to make and then we headed up to Norrby’s for the first time in ages. I had the sorely missed fisksoppa while Mirinda indulged in the goats cheese pie. It was all deliciously enjoyed al fresco.

The place looks empty from the photo above but it was actually quite busy.

We chatted to the woman who tends the garden (we think she’s the owner) and said how lovely it was starting to look. She told us she was going for a French/English style in the overall look and feel. I think she’s succeeding.

Then, of course, we had our evening constitutional before dinner. For the first time in ages, we went on the Duck Walk. Actually, Mirinda goes on the Duck Walk almost every morning but I haven’t been for yonks.

The lake looked lovely though there weren’t as many ducks as I remember.

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