The value of the NHS

There’s always been a lot of talk about how much the Brits love the National Health Service, how it embodies everything Great about Britain. And, I agree, it’s an amazing institution, one of which I’ve never had a problem with. While I’ve used it rarely, I have used it and only received satisfaction.

How well I remember the swift and brilliant treatment of my collis fracture back in 2011. And the gout diagnosis by the South African doctor at Grayshott. Okay, no-one has been able to explain (let alone cure) my stupid nerve issue in my feet but medical mysteries is not what the NHS is really there for.

You ask anyone in the UK and most of them will say they cherish the NHS more than anything. Look at the Thursday evening claps a huge swathe of the population were urged to participate in. Urged by the Tory government, I should add.

Then there’s the whole Covid-19 thing and constant stories about NHS doctors and nurses at the front lines, fighting disease and fatigue to save people. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in awe just as much as the next person. I think the NHS is pretty amazing as well.

Sadly, the government doesn’t think the NHS is relevant. It doesn’t think the nurses in particular deserve anything special. They don’t deserve anything beyond a weekly clap. This is the same government that is selling off bits of the NHS and heading towards an American style of medical service.

I assume the government is selling off bits to already wealthy Tory donors/supporters. Because that’s what they do. And, in order to soften the blow, they have decided that the NHS nurses are only worth a 1% pay rise. Or a bag of crisps a week.

We don’t have any money“, comes the constant cry. I remember Theresa May saying that there was no magic money tree and then giving the DUP £1 billion in order to secure their votes in the House of Commons. And there’s been many instances of not having money for worthy things but lots for themselves.

I guess, in the end, we always get the government we deserve.

In the meanwhilst, I’m laid up with a very swollen foot, unable to do anything. Poor Mirinda had to do the shopping today and, I’m amazed to say, actually stayed On List.

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