I did a smart thing today. I’d planned to repair the shed roof on Monday but given we’re presently in the midst of a heatwave and we all know that after a heatwave comes floods, I decided it would be better done while hot and sunny.

I had pulled off the trim and started to remove the old clout nails. I had the ladder up against the side of the shed. Inexplicably, I fell off the ladder. I then broke my arm really, really badly. It took me a while to actually get up off the ground, by which time my wrist had swollen to twice its normal size and my hand was pointing in a direction it was never designed to.

It’s quite handy having a hospital down the end of the road except when you need Accident & Emergency because there isn’t an A&E in our hospital. So we jumped into Sidney and headed off to Frimley Park.

The receptionist said it would be best to ask for painkillers because we’d be seen quicker. And, after Mirinda’s insistence, I did. As soon as the triage nurse saw it, she pushed me ahead of everyone and went straight to the minor injuries area where I was x-rayed, roughly handled and plastered up. At one point I had a nurse holding my upper arm while the doctor tugged on my hand, trying to get the bones back where they should be. It wasn’t pleasant.

I have to return to the hospital on Thursday. Meanwhile, the painkillers the doctor has given me, make me sleepy so I’m hoping sleep won’t be a problem. I am not a very fast typist with one hand but I guess I’ll have to get used to it.

What I was originally going to talk about was the Farnham Food Festival. Castle street was closed for it today. I managed to take some photos this morning. Here’s my favourite.

No traffic in Castle Street but plenty of beer

In case you thought I was being sarcastic with the opening ‘smart’, let me correct it. I really was smart. Had I started the job on Monday, I’d have been home alone and not had Mirinda here to help me and she has been wonderful.

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2 Responses to Plastered

  1. mum cook says:

    Smart!!!! who told who not to climb ladders oh Gary Charles who is going to help you during the week she has to go to work and why didn’t you tell me when I tex you. please keep me up to date. love you lots mum

  2. Mirinda says:

    That entry sounds like u r a bit drugged! Don’t worry Josie we have stocked up on single meals beef and Jaffa cakes so he’ll be ok.


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