Just a flurry

Just as we were getting used to the return of the warmth and working on the terrace under the sun, the weather only goes and returns to freezing cold breezes and snow. I sat on the terrace for about ten minutes this morning before realising it was not very comfortable. I went out to throw a stick for Emma, obviously, but otherwise, I was inside for most of the day.

Being inside was partly the weather and partly to do with my ankle which I injured yesterday. The ankle of the human foot is designed to bend only one way. My fall tried to bend it in the opposite direction.

Walking, or putting any weight on it, is difficult and painful. I didn’t even go on the evening constitutional. I really am quite pathetic!

Mirinda, on the other hand, went to the hairdresser and had a jolly time as well as taking the girls for a couple of walks. And, of course, she worked.

Late in the day we had the lightest snow fall I think I’ve ever seen. For a long while I thought it was rain falling outside the kitchen window but, the fact that everything was soon covered in white, led me to the conclusion that we’d had a bit of snow. The temperature being below zero meant it didn’t melt either.

According to the weather forecast, tomorrow is supposed to be below zero all day with a night-time temperature close to -10°. Excellent, I say! Maybe it’s in order to give the winter sports kids something to play with.

I didn’t take any photographs today but have included one from yesterday. It’s of the salted caramel bun that Mirinda had at Norrby’s Trädgård.

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