Fatless, bone-free meat

I didn’t go outside again today. I wanted to rest my feet from shoes once more and give the blister on my extra big toe a chance to heal. Mind you, when I say I didn’t go outside, that’s not strictly true. Mirinda reckons I need to reduce the inflammation in my foot so, a few times today I stuck my foot in the snow just outside the back door.

I can’t manage much more than a minute. Mirinda is doing the same thing with her right wrist which is still bothering her though it is getting better.

And, it seems, I have another issue.

A while ago I noticed I’d developed red scaly skin just above my ankles. It didn’t hurt, it wasn’t itchy and there was no swelling. I figured it was just dry because I was getting old. After a visit to Dr Google, I think it might be stasis dermatitis. This is caused by bad circulation. I think it might be a result of my stupid nerve-free feet.

If the diagnosis is correct then I need to elevate my legs above my heart for about 15 minutes every two hours. That’s all well and good but I’m not sure for how long. Is it for the rest of my life? Or just until the redness goes?

It meant that I spent a bit of time on my back with my legs on various bits of furniture. It’s a good job I use an e-reader because an analogue book would be hard going upside down.

Fortunately, I discovered some excellent medicine.

And tonight I cooked up some sausages that I bought at the butcher on Monday. And they were excellent. In fact, as well as the sausages, we have had the pork chops and lamb chops this week and our all round verdict is that the meat is fantastic.

One thing about the meat is that the fat and bones aren’t completely missing like at the supermarket. Both add a lot of delicious.

In passing, tonight’s episode of Dicte was about football violence, racism and match fixing. I wondered whether it was a real problem.

After a bit of research, I was amazed to discover that Denmark is like the UK football world of the 1980’s. The same sort of mindless gang warfare and racially abusive chants. It’s very disappointing when I considered most of Scandinavia to be more enlightened.

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