Carrot cake day

Not satisfied with having a massive amount of special bun days in Sweden, it seems they also appropriate others when they appear. Thus, today was Carrot Cake Day at Norrby’s. And, obviously, I had to have a slice.

It was pretty delicious and, while a naughty mid-week carb indulgence, well worth it. I’ll put in some extra time at my work out tomorrow to pay for it.

I was a bit concerned that we’d not get to Norrby’s again this week. When I returned from Tyresö Centrum, Mirinda was on a call which seemed to be going on for the rest of the day. Then I heard her say she’d have to go because she had another meeting. I sadly looked at the time. It was unlikely we’d make it.

I’d not exactly rushed my shopping. I was enjoying being outside after yesterday’s confinement. I really have no idea how people can just stay at home all the time without venturing outside. And don’t get me started on Mrs Bennett and her bed.

So, I struggled my boots on and strode out into the snow packed streets.

I didn’t have long to wait for a bus and was soon trundling my trolley around the shops. My first stop was the newsagent to get a couple of SL Access cards. These are the Stockholm version of London’s Oyster card. Or Sydney’s Opal card. Or Brisbane’s Go card. I have a whole collection!

On Sunday, I had a lot of difficulty trying to pay for our transport tickets and figured, in case of emergency, the cards would come in handy. Otherwise we’d not have been able to travel. It’s not like you can buy a ticket on the bus.

Armed with two shiny new cards, I did the essential shopping before heading to Espresso House for my usual latte. Then back home.

And, as it turned out, the meeting Mirinda had to go to was our weekly lunch trip to Norrby’s! What a clever wife I have.

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