Español, Sweden style

I read something very annoying today. Facebook has announced that if WhatsApp users refuse to accept their new data harvesting policy in early February then they will have their accounts deleted. This includes having your phone number stored and ads streaming at you constantly.

I spent an hour or so looking at alternatives. Eventually, having read a lot of information, we downloaded and have started field testing Signal (‘we’ being Mirinda and me). So far, it’s looking very good, and it’s not giving our information away to anyone who will pay.

Now, the hard part will be to convince everyone we communicate with to make the switch. Like Facebook and Messenger, we shall be deleting WhatsApp from our devices.

But, things became better…

During the day, we took a lovely wander along the duck walk trail. We were not alone. There were scores of other family groups doing the same thing. Apart from one family group (grandad and two little kids) who were gleefully sliding down a small embankment on sleds. It was all very jolly.

And, although the sky was not blue and the sun was hidden behind the clouds, the reflection at our lake was lovely.

Sadly, it didn’t snow but that did mean it was an easy decision to go out for dinner.

As I’ve mentioned before, we have been searching for tapas close to us. Mirinda found a possible contender in Huddinge, half an hour away. It’s called Julius and boasts a menu that changes monthly.

We took a punt and booked for our habitual linner spot.

Actually, our linner spot has become a bit fashionable these days with the serving of alcohol stopping at 8pm every night. It means more people are eating earlier. Except for the teetotallers, I suppose.

The drive was long but the trip was well worth it.

The food was fantastic. Tapas with a Swedish slant. We had the whole tapas menu, eight dishes between us. Perfect. Delicious. Fantastic.

First came the meat dishes. Venison, elk, bear, a carnivore’s paradise.

And then came the fish. Char, prawns, and the most delicious tuna I think I’ve ever tasted. An explosion of delight for the tongue.

All in all, an amazing meal, thoroughly enjoyed. We’ll definitely be returning, particularly given they change the menu monthly.

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