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Last night was awful. Sleep evaded me as my knee complained, no matter what I did with it. It’s gout, though not as I’m used to. Normally it’s in my big toe which is also awful for walking but at least I can find a comfortable sleeping position. This is not the case with the knee.

By 4am, I’d had enough and dragged my sorry ass downstairs for no reason other than a change of scene, albeit a dark one.

I found it most comfortable with my leg on a small coffee table. And that’s basically how I stayed for the day. I wrapped my knee in ice packs and took anti-inflammatories and, generally felt pretty sorry for myself.

There were a couple of highlights during the day.

On Saturday we’re having Sarah and Nick over for a Swedish lunch and I needed a few things from the Scandi shop. They arrived today – the snaps was perfect. Then, the postman delivered something I thought I’d have to wait longer for.

Had I been able to walk, I might just have taken a trip into Guildford. Or Winchester. Or anywhere a bus could take me. One day, when my knee is once more working roughly as it should, I might just do that.

For now, I’ll remain stationary on the lounge or stand precariously in the kitchen preparing food.

Change of pace time…

On Sunday, Bob was telling Mirinda about a giant wall being built at Avalon Beach. In an attempt to hold back the waves and consequential sand erosion and house destruction, rather than doing something constructive about the planet as a whole, they feel that constructing a wall will keep the planet out.

I can only assume that one day the wall will completely surround the entire country.

Then, this morning, I heard an interview with another Australian.

In 50 years time, when a large quantity of the planet is underwater and humans are reduced to roaming around in destitute bands of filth, finding it difficult to eat and drink, think of men like Queensland senator Matt Canavan who proclaimed today that Glasgow (COP26) had been a huge win for coal. He’s wrong. Glasgow heard the first swings of the hammer in the death knell of humanity.

Enjoy it kids, it’s your lives that will be affected, not his.

Canavan has five kids – there they are above. They really need to give his shins a good kicking. Or keep their heads buried in the sand that sits behind a continually growing, pointless wall.

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