We can be heroes!

A few editions of the Talking Newspaper ago, I read a piece from the local Surrey MP, Jeremy Hunt. He was looking for nominations from Herald readers. These nominations were for persons or groups who had been ‘Covid Heroes’ throughout the miserable months of 2020. The Community Awards were in conjunction with the Herald. And, unbelievably perhaps, we won.

FATN managed to continue recording the newspaper throughout the year owing in great part to Charles, quickly followed by Tim. Then, Clive and I read in a test edition before more readers were drafted in. And, finally, other FATN volunteers rang around our listeners, letting them know what was available and how to access it.

Lockdown(s) must be particularly difficult for the visually impaired (and, obviously, other people with disabilities) and if we managed to bring a little companionship (and news) to our listeners, then how could I be anything but pleased?

So, chuffed and glowing with the news, I joined Mirinda for our weekly trip to the island. Which looked particularly beautiful with the snow that remained.

And then we had a load more snow as we left. We drove home into flying snow flakes, smattering against the windscreen. It was all very wintry. And a delight.

But, back in the Café Notholmen, Mirinda decided to try a second semla bun. Having read that normally the semla bun has marzipan in the middle rather than nut butter, she figured it was worth a second try.

You can see the semla buns in the display cabinet above. The creamy ones with the little bun caps.

According to Mirinda, it was a lot better than the one from Norrbys, but still wasn’t close to the perfection of saffron, cinnamon or cardamom buns. She’ll happily have one a year when semla time comes round but that’s it. I had a coconut tower which was a lot better than semla, in my mind anyway.

Having spent a wonderful hour (or so) in the café, we circumnavigated the slott before climbing back into Max for the drive home and a bit of Swedish mysigt.

Finally, as the fire crackled away and the doughnut house glowed with warmth, I made, what I think, was the best bacon wrapped chicken breast I have ever made. And I’ve made a few.

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