What’s up with WhatsApp?

According to Jean Jacques Rousseau, a landscape park is the source of the good and attracts the best character traits of man which are selflessness, honesty and true wisdom. He advocated the creation of them in the 18th century. Starting in England, the landscape garden spread to the continent via France where the wide-ranging vistas replaced the symmetry of French garden design.

It would seem that Rousseau’s philosophical thoughts on gardening would have little relevance in Sweden however, the park at Tyresö Slott was designed in the English style and, I think, Rouseau would have approved.

It’s hard to believe when the park is covered in snow but, apparently, there are many species of rare orchids spread throughout the grounds. These include the Adam and Eve orchid (Aplectrum hyemale) which is normally found in the US.

I’m no expert in orchids – actually I know nothing about orchids at all – but I have to say that the Adam and Eve orchid is possibly the dullest orchid in creation. I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t notice one in front of me.

Perhaps the above paragraph puts paid to Rousseau’s contention that the landscape park brings true wisdom while proving that it can bring truthfulness.

While talking about wisdom, today marked a turning point in my relationship with WhatsApp. I now have no relationship with WhatsApp. Today saw me communicating with people I usually WhatsApp and telling them they should switch to Signal. Denise and Dawn did. And Nicktor was ahead of the curve for the first time ever. No-one else switched.

But enough about the landscape of social media on my devices and on to more pleasing landscapes. For instance, I have no idea what Rousseau would have said but the landscape outside our house this morning wasn’t so much philosophically pleasing as aesthetically so. The light on the clouds was a delight.

We didn’t have any snow overnight so it was an easy task getting off to the island café in Max. The last few mornings, I’ve spent a good half an hour stripping him of his icy cloak. But not today. Though there is more snow forecast through the week, so my job is intact.

Best news though, is today saw the return of Evelyn to the café. Not that anything had happened to her. Her shifts had just changed.

She had a lovely Christmas and New Year, spent mostly in her family summer house. She sold me an equally lovely cardamom bun for a Sunday fika treat.

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