The crusty flannel

In the early hours of this morning – 03:25 to be exact – Emma and I were suddenly flung from the bed, left in a pile of Gary, bedclothes and puppies. It was Freya’s faulty entirely.

Freya suddenly exploded into her snorty, nasal thing, and I was instantly awake. I grabbed her from where she was lying between me and the edge of the bed. It was a successful attempt to stop her waking Mirinda.

The bed we’re sleeping in is actually a couple of singles pushed together with single mattresses on top. My side is slightly the wrong size. When I wake up in the morning, my mattress is always over hanging the bed frame. This is not normally a problem and I just slide out of bed.

Because Freya was between me and the edge of the bed, when I turned to grab her, my movement sent me and the bedclothes off the bed. Freya, I flung off towards the door. Emma landed on top of me. If the room had been light enough to see, I’m sure Emma’s face would have registered great surprise.

As I lay, momentarily stunned half awake, Freya tried to approach me with her snorting. I grabbed her and flung her through the door. I then followed her. Emma followed me.

Downstairs, the snorting stopped, and I looked at the clock. I then cursed Freya and, realising my side of the bed was now unusable, curled up on the lounge for a few hours.

And it would have been fine except for the strange dream I then had which had me waking up suddenly and in a panic at 06:30 feeling as fresh as a discarded, crusty flannel.

So, not a good start to the day. Still, as the sun slowly came up, I realised there was still lots of lovely snow outside. That eased the lack of snooze a bit.

Normally, of a Friday, I’d shop at Trollbäckens but, because today was not Epiphany, the System was open so, naturally, I went to Tyresö Centrum for essential alcoholic supplies. Having finished the bottle of Auxey-Duresses we’d brought from the UK, an emergency bottle of white was imperative (I bought a bottle of petit chablis) and I was out of my little freezing friend.

This stuff seriously keeps out the cold. Which is weird when it is kept in the freezer.

I was also out of beer but that’s hardly worth reporting.

And, because it was the end of the week, I stopped off at Espresso House for Friday fika.

I had a lovely chat with the barista who shared my preference for cardamom over semla though she said she was rather keen on cinnamon.

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