Staying inside, staying dry

Today it rained. And rained. Wild, squally rain. Lashing, wet and cold. Sitting at the dining table, the noise on the side window didn’t stop all day. I’d say it was easily the most unpleasant day so far.

It didn’t stop Mirinda taking the girls around the block during a couple of lulls but I stayed in the house, preferring the dry. And, for both of us, the day, rather than spent visiting something in Stockholm, was essentially spent on our respective laptops.

Coincidentally, the Perfect Swedish Family couldn’t have the girls today – they were visiting parents – so we’d planned for them to have them tomorrow. And it was as if the weather knew. Tomorrow’s weather is supposed to be glorious. Today, a trip into Stockholm (or anywhere) would have been awful; tomorrow it will be perfect.

Of course, not everyone was bothered by the weather today. I assume this lot enjoyed it.

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  1. Fiona says:

    Even a rainy day is beautiful there!


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