Letter from Sweden

Today marks my first ‘Letter from Sweden’ for the Talking Newspaper. It was an idea put forward by Tim and Nina following the last FATN recording. I wrote my first letter and today I read it. I think it went down well. We’ll see if there’s any kind of backlash, otherwise I’ll keep writing and recording.

Today was almost all about recording this week’s edition. Which was a shame because it was such a beautiful day today. Mirinda managed to enjoy some of it by going to a café in the morning while I had to wait until around 2:30pm to get a glimpse of what had been.

We walked down to the lake as the sun was starting to set. It made a massive change to the usual grey background.

I had to finish cutting and pasting the FATN edition in the morning. I didn’t get a chance yesterday because of various technical and social reasons.

Then, this morning, sitting at the dining table working on my laptop, I kept getting distracted by Mirinda’s much more interesting work meeting. I had to resort to headphones and loud music to drown out the interesting in favour of the mundane.

Mundane may be a little harsh but editing pieces in the local paper down to 90 second stories can often be a bit mind numbingly dull.

Eventually, I headed upstairs to my make shift recording studio (more commonly called the second bedroom) and chatted with Mike while we waited for Nina to join us. It’s the first time Mike has engineered with me since we arrived in Sweden, so he was asking all the usual questions.

He said we were very brave to make such a huge change. I countered, saying he was very brave staying in the UK given the socio-political situation brewing and bubbling away.

The recording went very well – my connection only misbehaved once with my voice dropping out – with only a few mistakes. And, as I said, I included my first Letter from Sweden. I also had to do some live cutting of stories as our chitter chatter started extending the recording a little longer than desired.

Eventually, it was all wrapped up and I accompanied Mirinda and the girls on our walk.

Our street looks so lovely when the sky is clear.

The stars, late at night, are also very bright when the sky is clear. It almost reminds us of home in the Blue Mountains. Though nowhere near as amazing as the Milky Way seen from Angledool.

At least, the stars would be bright, if not for the two construction sites next door to us. For some reason they are lit up brighter than Cape Canaveral on launch day. All night. By looking out of the window in the bedroom you get a hint of the brightness. Going outside, on the other side of the house, is better.

It was such a perfect day that I was even granted a short concert before dinner.

And speaking of the weather, the temperature is going down very quickly. This afternoon it dropped to 1.

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