Joe Gideon’s apartment

Many years ago, I first watched All That Jazz. It quickly became my favourite film and I have watched it so many times since those far off days, that I know most of the dialogue. For that reason alone, it’s not a good idea for me to watch it with other people.

There’s a lovely scene in the film where Joe is being entertained by his daughter and girlfriend in his apartment. They do a whole song and dance routine for him. Behind him, on the wall, is a big neon sign which reads WOW. The first time I saw this I thought it was just the coolest thing ever.

Moving on about a million years…

When we had the extension built and I had a decent kitchen at last, I wanted a neon sign. I’d waited long enough and now felt I could justify having one. But the wanting and the finding was not the same thing at all.

And, little did I know, Mirinda was on the same mission. She’d found some people who custom made them but the prices were ridiculously high.

My wish for a neon sign was not to be realised. Until…

A few weeks ago I noticed the website of a company that custom makes neon signs. I then found another. And another. All of them were reasonably priced. I chose the one started by an Australian who had an interesting story.

He wanted a pink neon sign for his daughter’s bedroom but, like me, couldn’t find one. Unlike me, he went out and taught himself how to make a neon sign. Having successfully created one for his daughter, he then decided to offer neon signs to people at a reasonable cost.

The Australian then set up a way to franchise his company and it spread as far as the UK. The company is called Neon Poodle ( and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Anyway, that was a few weeks ago, as I said. I designed then ordered my sign then waited. Sammy wrote and kept me in the loop. He sent me a copy of the design to be used for the actual sign and let me know what was happening. Then, last week, I had an email saying it was ready. I paid the balance and it turned up yesterday.

And today was hang the neon sign day.

It even has a remote control. And I don’t care what anyone says, I LOVE IT!

Something unexpected that happened as a result of having to move everything out of the way, was the discovery of a few bottles of wine I’d forgotten we had in the telephone box.

To move the box, I had to empty it of glasses and bottles. I lined them all up on the end of the dining table. We keep most of our wine in the walnut cupboard in the vestibule and only rarely take one from the telephone box. So taking them all out was like finding a dragons treasure trove.

The Montagny is particularly special. I’d been saving two bottles of it from a dozen but Mirinda gave one to someone, who doesn’t really drink wine, as a Christmas gift. I don’t begrudge giving someone a bottle of wine at Christmas but he would have been just as happy with a Sancerre of which we have gallons.

Anyway, this is my last surviving Montagny so I’m keeping it for a very special occasion.

There’s also a couple of very special reds which I’ve managed to save for when Sarah and Nick come over for dinner. I’m keeping them away from any possibility of festive generosity.

That’s enough wine talk.

Having erected the sign and put everything back we headed off for Farnham Heath where the girls took great delight in running around and rolling in sand (Emma).

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