The house of the ladder king

Our medical practice has been closed for five days due to a patient turning up, presenting possible coronovirus symptoms. The place went into shut down and the patients in the waiting room sent home into self isolation. The doctors, the nurses, everyone in fact, was sent home for the full period of closure.

Then, today, the original patient was cleared and the practice reopened and everyone went back to work. Quite a scary thing.

It’s interesting, with the fear over the coronavirus that the gym doesn’t check the supplies of wipes for the equipment. I now take my own because I don’t want to catch any nasty things. Not that it bothers most of the users there. But I don’t really care about them.

Not that there were many there this morning. The top floor was almost empty. Just the way I like it. I had an excellent work out all made hygienic thanks to my personal supply of wipes.

Meanwhile Gardener Dave and Stan were having a work out of their own in our garden. Mirinda had originally said (last night) that she had no idea what jobs to give them. The list wound up being so long that they didn’t finish it.

Unbeknownst to me, one of the list items they did manage to complete was the removal of the nest-work atop the gazebo. I loved this and it was a bit sad. Dave assured me, it was the best thing for it and it would soon enough grow back lush and green. Given it was dead brown before means it will look a lot better. I guess.

The green stuff needs to be draped back over the gazebo but they didn’t have any wire so left it for next time. I’d fix it but I’m not allowed up a ladder.

Speaking of ladders, every day I walk passed a house just off the park which has possibly the National Ladder Collection scattered about its back garden. I have to assume that the person who lives there is a decorator because the ladders are of all types, mostly paint smattered and include those tall, heavy trestle types that can have planks laid between them.

There are ladders leaning against one of the many sheds, a long extension ladder against the side of the two storey house and half an extension ladder on the roof. There’s aluminium step ladders serenely dotted in various spots. It really is ladder heaven.

There’s a lot of ladders in the garden. You’d wonder how the grass gets cut except that there’s no grass because of the many sheds. The sheds are there for the ladders it would seem. It wouldn’t work for us. We’d lose Freya for a start.

Mirinda had book group today so I took the girls up to the park after she left. The weather had been excellent while the gardeners had been working but, after lunch, it rained a bit before going all blue.

The park took a threatening turn at one stage and we had a sun shower.

You can’t see it but it is raining in this photograph

Rain of any substance waited for us to get back home, when it poured for a bit before the sun returned. It was all a bit confused but fortunate as we remained dry.

Also confused was Mirinda. Fallen trees, strange diversions and narrow country lanes turned her journey back from Chawton into a bit of an adventure. Normally it’s very easy and non-eventful but today it was all bit crazy. That’ll be the result of two storms in a row.

I think it just makes for a less than ordinary life which is a good thing. If everything was the same all the time, what would the point be?

Here’s a video of the sun shower.

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