In the realms of fiction

What a difference a day makes. The view this morning, rather than painted pink, was all murky white. While we’ve had a few misty mornings this is the first actual fog I remember for a long time.

Not that it was around for very long. By the time I’d finished at the gym and started for home, the fog had lifted and the sky was blue. And so it remained. Though cold, the day was gorgeous.

I didn’t go shopping today as I had to get home to call mum. Which I did before lunch. Then it was off up the park with an Emma who has finished her season. Phew.

Back at home I finished the bricks off along what will eventually be the Raised Heather Bed. Bill and his two helpers almost finished on Monday but had run out of bricks. I dug up a few from old, redundant mowing strips.

Something else I finished was the latest French drama I’ve been watching. It was called  Le Bazar de la Charité. It was centred on an actual event when the yearly Charity Bazaar caught fire in Paris in 1897, killing 126 society people, nearly all women. Most notably, Duchess Sophie, the sister of Empress Sisi.

The TV series weaves three distinct (and fictional) stories that result from the fire.

The series was very exciting and made perfect viewing while I pedalled my bike at the gym. It was also set during my favourite French period – the Belle Epoch. It also introduced me to various things I hadn’t known before.

It’s amazing how much world history of which I am ignorant. Like the Apaches of Paris, for instance.

These guys were basically hoodlums for hire. They dressed quite distinctively and roamed the streets demanding money with menaces. They would also deliver beatings and shake downs where appropriate.

And something else I’ll never understand.

The French rose up and rid themselves of their aristocracy during the Revolution. Then along comes Napoleon who reinstates it. This is followed by a bunch of anarchists who want the aristocracy destroyed. Again.

As well as a jolly good drama, Le Bazar de la Charité also manages to highlight the inequalities of the Paris citizenry at a time of more social upheaval.

It was thoroughly enjoyable on many levels and I’m not sure what I’ll now watch instead.

Also in the realms of fiction was a lot of my chat with mum.

She told me about Kevin and Lorna who lived next to a couple called Kevin and Lorna. Lorna #1 died as did Kevin #2. Kevin #1 wound up in the same care home as mum while Lorna #2 moved into a five storey council built apartment building. Kevin #1 and Lorna #2 have become an ‘item’. I suppose that could be true.

She also told me about a mysterious person called The Walker. This evil person takes surreptitious bites out of the food in the fridge then replaces it. Mum is not happy about The Walker. Given the amount of time I’ve spent at the care home, I think this is highly unlikely. Still, it makes a funny story.

Possibly my favourite part of the day (apart from Emma finishing her season) was my leftover frittata. Totally yum.

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