When Freya missed Emma

I noticed this morning that the tree which fell across the path in the park last week has been moved. It has now created a very effective wildlife shelter. I have no idea whether the ranger will keep it rather than chop it up and distribute the logs but I kind of hope so. I’ll keep my eye on the progress.

Access returned

I noticed that a little further along the path, a tree has been cut down to a stump. The remains have been dragged across the path to create a sort of woody fence around a small area near the fantasy play area. It looks permanent.

The trouble is that people who don’t understand nature will complain that it looks ‘messy’ and question why it hasn’t been ‘tidied up’.

I remember our Landscape tutor, Lalage, telling us about visitors to Box Hill. They would walk around the wooded areas and write suggestions regarding cleaning up the dead tree trunks and odd sticks scattered about.

That merely shows how a lot of humans separate themselves from the real world. It’s all very sad when the natural world is so utterly amazing. Fortunately it will survive a lot longer than humanity.

Back at home I made a Persian omelette for lunch (for a change) followed up by a Persian inspired hotpot for dinner. Both were enjoyed very much.

Spicy hotpot by Sabrina Ghayour, modified by Chez Gaz

Something that wasn’t enjoyed was the fact that Mirinda refused to take Emma for a walk today. The weather was beautiful and a walk was there for the taking. Mirinda wanted to go to Hankley but didn’t want the hassle of having a dog in season. Again.

So, Emma stayed with me at home while Freya was bundled into Max and driven off.

Poor Emma was very confused. This has never happened before. Her tail went down and she moped halfway up the stairs, staring out the front door.

According to Mirinda, Freya happily sat in her usual navigator’s position uncaring about the lack of Emma. It wasn’t until they were parked up and walking along a path that Freya suddenly stopped and looked around. It was as if she’d suddenly realised there was supposed to be another dog.

Her concern didn’t last very long and she was soon running around, thoroughly enjoying herself. In the meanwhilst, things started to improve at the house.

I grabbed Emma’s attention with a tennis ball and we played an hour of rolling the ball back and forwards from extension to front door.

Puffy puppy

The only odd thing that happened was the first few returns. Rather than running straight back to me (like normal) she diverted to the rug in front of the TV. This is where Freya takes the ball when she decides to tease Emma. I wonder if Emma thought she’d find Freya by going that way? Clearly I’ll never know but I’d like to think it was because she missed her.

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