Return to normal

I was up at 6am this morning and off to the shops by 7:30, trolley rattling behind me. I’ll be heading to the flat again tomorrow so I had to shop for two days. Which is why I needed the trolley.

Given that school has gone back I avoided Starbucks for Nero and had a lovely, peaceful latte. I was not harangued for having an extra shot which was nicer than yesterday.

Back at home, Gardener Dave had turned up and started work on the raised bed where the lavender will be going. The lavender used to be at ground level but our garden is a bit damp and it wasn’t happy.

Mirinda claims that raising the bed will help a lot. Besides, we bought three big railway sleepers ages ago and it makes sense to use them.

The double run of bricks is for the sleeper to sit on, keeping it off direct contact with the ground. This is where they left it. I’ll finish the bricks.

They were lucky with the weather which remained dry for most of the day. By the late afternoon we were inundated with rain. There were a few rolling showers punctuated with periods of dry.

The gardeners should finish the raised bed next time.

‘Finishing’ was also managed in the kitchen this afternoon.

Given we were away for Christmas, I have only just managed to ice my Christmas cake. I spent a good hour with spatula, spoon and bowl mixing up some glossy royal icing then spattering it on the cake. I’d covered it in marzipan last week ready for it’s final dressing.

Of course, I am a rubbish decorator so the cake looks a bit of a disaster. Even so, the icing tasted perfect, the marzipan was excellent and the cake itself smelled pretty damn good.

There IS a cake under there

Mirinda was not happy that she’d have to wait for another day.

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