Weir House in Alresford

I was up early in order to tidy before Farelli arrived. This meant washing the kitchen and bathroom floors, vac’ing, cutting the grass and making a quiche. I also made another bread attempt which was better than my last attempt but still not quite right.

Farelli arrived at about 2pm and ended up staying until gone 7pm. A rare and delightful long visit.

We went to Alresford to visit an NGS garden which was, quite simply, amazing. It’s three acres and has a river and a man-made channel that powers around a massive garden wall. A very sexy veg garden and a mound with a wicker dent in the middle for viewing the stars. A brilliant place.

Farelli in the mound

Afterwards we drove over to Haslemere so Farelli could have a look at the house.

I made a very successful rabbit and bacon casserole with kjale, carrots and anya spuds. Totally delicious.

We watched a new Frost which was of the usual high standard.

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