A very small wake

Just like a typical football game, today was a story of two halves. From the heady delights of watching Aldershot play Hartlepool to the frantic race to get the Stockwells out of the house and on their way to Devon before Nicktor arrived to pick me up. There was also a preamble with Fi, Bob and I having a coffee in Starbucks followed by shopping.

It was quite fun going into Starbucks and having everyone say hello and ask me how Queensland had been. I don’t think people really believe that I know everyone and this sort of thing makes me glow with happiness. My first silky latte for two weeks also made me glow with happiness. I’ve missed this sheer smooth and heavenly joy in a mug.

After shopping for their week away, we headed back home to organise Mirinda in her endeavours to get moving. Bob arrived shortly after we did and had a cup of tea. Always better being an audience for these sorts of events. Still, eventually the car was packed and I waved them farewell as they chuntered down our street and out, into the wide world of motorway madness.

I then reversed my hand and waved as Steve From Number 11 pulled up outside the house with Nicktor sitting in the passenger seat. This was an unexpected pleasure as I was under the impression that Steve From Number 11 had decided to forego support of the Mighty Shots and, instead, join the hordes of non-football fans glorying in CFC money laundering¹.

The tickets have gone a bit downhill as well

It would be fair to say that Aldershot Town Football Club has been having a pretty awful season. I’m fairly sure it’s not the worst I’ve seen but it’s certainly pretty disappointing given the godlike status afforded to manager Gary Waddock. Even he has no explanation for the downward turn of the club.

Anyway, today (and the rest of the season) was all about going through the motions as it’s very, very unlikely (impossible really) that we will be able to avoid relegation next season. As we sat in the club bar, enjoying a melancholy beer, Steve From Number 11 stated that it felt like a very small wake as we toasted…well, end of season defeat, really.

Steve, unknown fan and Nicktor discuss Bovril

Eventually we took our places on the Slab (I gave Bill a happy pat) which sadly lacked Charlie who has boycotted the rest of the season. It’s hard to see how his boycott could actually have any effect on anyone but him given he has a season ticket and football seems to be his only outlet. Still, I’m sure his caustic comments were missed by someone.

Anyway, the game started well and we scored an excellent goal in the first half, leaving Hartlepool reeling. It was then a case of passing back and forth, missed non-chances and a rather exciting game (in patches). At least it gave Nicktor something to do.

It all look like being a win for Aldershot, the first at home since early November last year but then, as usually happens when we don’t score a second goal, Hartlepool equalised. And so it ended. 1-1 and only a point to show for it.

At least the weather was a delight.

¹ I think I should state here that this is in terms of taking money from ‘fans’ and selling them crappy beer, over-paid football players, cheap advertising revenue and a complete disregard for what once made football great.

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  1. Mirinda says:

    Man it sounds like you really don’t like following the not so might shots. Why do you do it?

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